Awards and ceremonies

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Awards and ceremonies

The heart of our University

Share our pride in the outstanding alumni, friends, faculty members, staff and students who enrich U of T every day. Thank you!

Awards for U of T'S best

Every year, extraordinary members of the University of Toronto community go above and beyond. They mentor students, launch new programs, bring in teaching innovations, and grow our community. They make U of T a place to be proud of, and U of T is forever proud of them. We honour inspiring people every year with a series of prestigious awards.

Our award programs

Arbor Awards

Recognizing alumni and friends whose loyalty, dedication and generosity have added immeasurably to the quality of the U of T experience for students, faculty members, staff and alumni.

Awards of Excellence

Recognizing members of the University of Toronto community who, through an incredible breadth of accomplishments, helped U of T take its place among the world’s best.

University of Toronto Student Leadership Awards

Recognizing graduating students for outstanding student leadership, volunteer service, and commitment to the university broadly, to their own division, or for contributions in both areas. 

Carl Mitchell Community Impact Award

Honouring a University of Toronto alum who has advanced the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) through their extraordinary volunteer contributions to the community at large.

The Rose Wolfe Distinguished Alumni Award

The Rose Wolfe Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes exceptional individuals who demonstrate outstanding achievement in their professional lives, dedication to civic, charitable and social causes, and extraordinary service to the University of Toronto, in a way that enables or inspires others to reach their full potential.

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