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Alumni Email

A alumni email address tells the world you graduated from this top-ranked university. It's free, easy to access, and all U of T alumni are eligible.

  • Did you graduate in or before 2011? Log in below. We are not accepting requests for new accounts at this time.
  • Did you graduate in or after 2012? Your account has automatically been created for you. Log in below:

Log in to access your Alumni email:

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If you graduated in or after 2012, log into your email here:

Log in

A laptop with the Microsoft 365 logo

If your account ends in or was recently migrated from Google to Microsoft, access your email account here:

Log in 

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If your account was powered by Gmail (not a legacy alumni account) it has likely been migrated to our new platform. Please visit our migration hub for more details or contact for assistance.



If you graduated in or before 2011 and used an alumni account powered by Google, your account may have moved to Microsoft. 

Need help?

Not sure which log-in link to use? Try logging into both the Gmail and Microsoft 365 log-ins above: one of them will be associated with your account, and allow you to log in and/or reset your password. If you are still having difficulties, please contact for assistance.

For technical support with your email, please go to the Help & FAQs (below your appropriate log-in link above).