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Chancellor's Awards

Awards of Excellence

The Chancellor’s Awards, prizes of $1,000 each, recognize administrative staff members for exceptional leadership in their role in advancing the University’s mission. Award recipients are honoured at the Awards of Excellence ceremony held each Spring.

Administrative staff members are critical to the University’s achievement of its vision, mission and major goals. In recognition of the important role of administrative staff, two Chancellor’s Awards are presented each year: one to a staff member who demonstrates significant potential to assume more senior leadership in the organization – The Emerging Leader; and one to a staff member who has continually demonstrated innovative leadership to achieve outstanding contributions to the University by motivating and empowering others – The Influential Leader.

Whom can I nominate for a Chancellor’s Award?

Nominations for the Awards of Excellence may be made by any member of the University of Toronto community. Past recipients of one Award of Excellence may still be nominated for a different Award, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

All administrative staff members (union and non union) are eligible for the Chancellor’s Awards. An individual may only be nominated for one (1) award in any given year.

Nominees will be assessed on their ability to: perform their job responsibilities to the highest possible level; actively seek out opportunities for the acquisition of new job skills and education in order to assume positions of greater responsibility over the course of their careers; engage in advancing the mission of the University; and foster relationships based on mutual respect with colleagues, staff, students, and academic and senior administrative staff in the fulfillment of each other’s requirements and objectives.


Recipients in this category demonstrate excellence in their positions, actively seek out opportunities for the acquisition of new job skills and education, and display significant potential to advance in their career and assume positions of greater responsibility. In addition, nominees should be selected on the basis of their contributions and achievements in one or more of the following areas:

  • Impacting their workplace through sustained streamlining or significantly improving business processes to better serve the University’s mission
  • Leading by example in their dedication to service and/or support
  • Displaying an ongoing commitment to the University through outstanding volunteer service to the University above and beyond  the  job requirements


Recipients in this category continually demonstrate innovative leadership by motivating and influencing others in the pursuit of institution objectives. In addition, nominees should be selected on the basis of their contributions and achievements in one or more of the following areas:

  • Demonstrating sustained  exemplary support for university administration, and/or teaching and research endeavours; being held in high regard by colleagues, staff, students, faculty and senior administration
  • Employing innovative techniques to motivate, mentor and inspire others to realize their potential
  • Communicating a vision and commitment to new initiatives and continually contributing to innovation
  • Leading a group or project that has made a significant, sustained contribution
  • Demonstrating achievements in support of the University’s mission
What is the nomination deadline?

The deadline for submissions is Monday, December 2, 2019.

Should I inform the nominee that I wish to nominate them?

Yes, it is recommended that the nominee be informed of the nomination.

What nomination materials must I assemble?

A complete nomination package for the Chancellor’s Award must include the following:

  • Completed nomination form
  • Covering letter from the nominator
  • Nominee’s current resume
  • Two letters of support from colleagues/peers/students (A letter of support signed by multiple individuals counts as one letter towards the total)
  • Should the nominator not be the nominee’s supervisor, a letter from the nominee’s supervisor or the Division Head with an endorsement of the nomination is required

In their letters of nomination for the Chancellor’s Award, nominators are asked to identify, as specifically as possible, ways in which the candidate has consistently exceeded the expectations of their position. Nominations should clearly demonstrate how the individual contributes to the University both within and beyond the confines of their job. This sense of purpose and dedication should be reflected in the staff member’s personal attributes and his/her achievements and output. Letters should specifically address and illustrate one or more of the above selection criteria and should also indicate the following:

  • Innovation displayed by the administrative staff member
  • Distinction and dedication
  • Level of responsibility in relation to scope of accomplishments
May I include additional material?

Do not submit more than the required number of documents/letters. Supplementary documents will not be considered.

Where do I send the nomination package?

The Employee Recognition & Engagement Team of the Division of Human Resources & Equity will be administering the selection process for this award on behalf of the University of Toronto Alumni Association (UTAA). Please forward applications to the Selection Committee electronically via

Who will view the letters of support? Can I have them returned to me?

All letters of support are confidential and will be viewed by members of the Selection Committee only. Those who wish to view the letters for publicity or information purposes must first obtain permission from the individual who wrote the letter. Once submitted all application/nomination materials become property of University Advancement and cannot be returned to either the nominator or the applicant.

Whom should I contact if I need further information?

Your Divisional HR Office is available should you have questions about the program or need some assistance in developing your nomination submission.

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