Vivek Goel Faculty Citizenship Award

Awards of Excellence

Vivek Goel

(Professor Vivek Goel, Former Vice-President and Provost, University of Toronto (2004 – 2009)


The Vivek Goel Faculty Citizenship Award recognizes a faculty member who has served the University of Toronto with distinction in multiple leadership capacities in diverse spheres over many years. The intended recipient of this award is an exemplary university citizen and a senior member of the faculty. The award will focus on individuals who have sustained a record of contributions in varied capacities – although a nominee’s research record is not pertinent to this award. 

Who is Vivek Goel?

The Vivek Goel Faculty Citizenship Award was created on the occasion of Vivek Goel’s departure from his role as Vice-President and Provost of the University of Toronto in 2008. This award honours his many contributions to the University. Currently, Professor Goel is the President of University of Waterloo.

Whom can I nominate for the Vivek Goel Faculty Citizenship Award?

Nominations for the Awards of Excellence may be made by any member of the University of Toronto community. Past recipients of an Award of Excellence may still be nominated for a different Award, provided they meet the eligibility criteria. An individual may only be nominated for one (1) award in any given year.

In making its decision, candidates will be evaluated by the Selection Committee based on the following criteria:

  • Individuals who have sustained a record of contributions in varied administrative capacities and/or multiple committees at the departmental, divisional or university-wide level
  • or as a University of Toronto representative with external organizations
  • or in a leadership capacity with external organizations doing work complementary to the university’s academic mission
  • or with internal organizations such as the Faculty Association

Please note that individuals currently serving in major academic administrative roles (Chairs, Deans, Principals, and appointees in the central administrations at the Vice-Provost level or above) are ineligible. Sitting faculty governors are eligible, but individuals currently serving in major administrative roles are not. A professor emeritus may be considered eligible for the Goel Award provided they are currently active with the University in a capacity relevant to the nature and spirit of this award.

What is the nomination deadline?

Nominations closed on Tuesday, January 30, 2024.


Should I inform the nominee that I wish to nominate them?

Yes, it is recommended that the nominee be informed of the nomination.

What nomination materials must I assemble?

A complete nomination package for the Vivek Goel Faculty Citizenship Award must include the following documents.

  • Completed nomination form
  • Cover letter that addresses the selection criteria outlined above and is supported by ten (10) signatures, one of which must be the signature of the Chair, Academic Director, Dean or Principal, as appropriate. Signatures, which may be internal or external, must be relevant to the nomination and reflect the affiliation and experiences of the candidate
  • Complete curriculum vitae for the candidate
May I include additional material?

Do not submit more than the required number of documents/letters. Supplementary documents will not be considered.

Who will view the cover letter? Can I have it returned to me?

All letters of support are confidential and will be viewed by members of the Selection Committee only. Those who wish to view the letters for publicity or information purposes must first obtain permission from the individuals who wrote the letter. Once submitted all application/nomination materials become property of University Advancement and cannot be returned to either the nominator or the applicant.

What is the procedure for resubmitting a nomination from a previous year?

Nominations may be resubmitted up to three (3) consecutive years. Each resubmission must be accompanied by a new nomination form and nomination letter. It is the nominator‘s responsibility to contact all previous supporters for permission to carry forward letters of support.

Unsuccessful nominations that exceed the three-year limit may be resubmitted after a one-year hiatus, provided that a new package is assembled. It is the responsibility of the nominator to retain copies of the complete nomination package for future reference or resubmissions.

To resubmit a nomination, please email

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