Jill Matus Excellence In Student Services Award

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Jill Matus Excellence In Student Services Award

Jill Matus

The Jill Matus Excellence in Student Services Award is an honour that is awarded to individual staff members who demonstrate excellence in the area of student services and whose contributions in that area go above and beyond the responsibilities and expectations of their job. An award of up to $1,200 is presented annually to up to two central or divisional staff members. 

Nominees are drawn from, but not limited to, the divisions of admissions, financial aid and awards, registration and advising, recruitment, student life and student policy. Submissions are welcome from all divisions of the university providing nominees meet the stated criteria.

Note that this is not a career award. The Jill Matus Award recognizes individuals whose contributions to students and to student services are clearly demonstrated as going beyond the parameters of their job resulting in a broad and long-term positive impact on the quality of the student services at the University.

Who is Jill Matus?

This award was established in recognition of Professor Jill Matus’s exemplary service to the University of Toronto, spanning seven years as Vice-Provost, Students and Vice-Provost, Students and First-Entry Divisions. During her term, Professor Matus championed many important initiatives that have enhanced the student experience at the University of Toronto.

Whom can I nominate for the Jill Matus Excellence in Student Services Award?

Nominations for the Awards of Excellence may be made by any member of the University of Toronto community. Past recipients of an Award of Excellence may still be nominated for a different Award, provided they meet the eligibility criteria. An individual may only be nominated for one (1) award in any given year.

In making its decision, the Selection Committee will take into account the nominee’s contribution and outstanding impact in the area of student life and services to students.

What is the nomination deadline?

Nominations closed on Friday, December 15, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. E.S.T.

Nomination packages must be sent in pdf form to awards.ovps@utoronto.ca.

Should I inform the nominee that I wish to nominate them?

Yes, it is recommended that the nominee be informed of the nomination.

What nomination materials must I assemble?

A complete nomination package for the Jill Matus Excellence in Student Services Award must include the following documents.

  • Completed nomination form
  • Covering letter from the lead nominator specifically demonstrating the nominee's contributions and outstanding impact in the area of student life and services to students
  • Complete curriculum vitae for the candidate
  • Two (2) letters of support from colleagues/peers/students
  • An endorsement letter from the nominee’s supervisor or department/divisional head (NOTE: this is only required if the lead nominator is not the supervisor or department/divisional head)
What should be included in the covering letter and letters of support?

In their covering letter, nominators must address specifically the criteria noted above. It is suggested that letters of support come from colleagues, peers, and/or students who have directly benefited from the nominee’s activities and contributions.

The covering letter and all support letters should include quantifiable information on the nominee’s impact through their projects and initiatives. For example how many students benefited from a specific initiative, how many divisions or U of T areas participated in a project, how long the initiative has been in existence, etc.

May I include additional material?

Do not submit more than the required number of documents/letters. Supplementary documents will not be considered.

Who will view the letters of support? Can I have them returned to me?

All letters of support are confidential and will be viewed by members of the Selection Committee only. Those who wish to view the letters for publicity or information purposes must first obtain permission from the individual who wrote the letter. Once submitted all application/nomination materials become property of University Advancement and cannot be returned to either the nominator or the applicant.

What if I have not received all necessary documents or letters by the deadline?

It is the responsibility of the nominator to ensure that nomination packages are complete. Incomplete nomination packages will not be considered by the Selection Committee.

What is the procedure for resubmitting a nomination from a previous year?

Nominations may be resubmitted up to three (3) consecutive years. Each resubmission must be accompanied by a new nomination form and nomination letter. It is the nominator‘s responsibility to contact all previous supporters for permission to carry forward letters of support.

Unsuccessful nominations that exceed the three-year limit may be resubmitted after a one-year hiatus, provided that a new package is assembled. It is the responsibility of the nominator to retain copies of the complete nomination package for future reference or resubmissions.

To resubmit a nomination, please email awards.ovps@utoronto.ca

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