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Past events

Write a Note of Encouragement to Current U of T Students

A little encouragement goes a long way. Write a note to a student and let them know an alum cares!

  • Jan 19 - Feb 9, 2024

Canada's Homelessness Crisis

Why does a country as rich and as cold as Canada struggle to provide safe, adequate, and affordable housing? Register and tune in to Professor Alison Smith's presentation.

  • Wed Jan 17, 2024

Health Law, Policy & Ethics Seminar Series: Professor Kathleen Hammond

Structural Racism and Income-Related Health Inequities in the Ontario Government and its Public Health Units' Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Tue Jan 16, 2024

Inside the C-Suite: GE Canada’s Heather Chalmers & 3M Canada’s Penny Wise

Join Rotman's C-Suite event: Innovate with GE Canada CEO Heather Chalmers and 3M Canada President Penny Wise. Explore team dynamics, talent nurturing, and innovative approaches in the modern workplace.

  • Tue Jan 16, 2024

Breaking Barriers, Building Connections: Bridging the Gap for Black Professionals Panel

Join us for a special in-person panel discussion focused on building relationships in the Black community and highlighting the challenges and opportunities of what it means to be Black in corporate spaces.

  • Mon Jan 15, 2024

Lawyers, empires, and social change: Reexamining theory and theory-informed description

Join us for a conversation with Bryant Garth, Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus and co-director, Center for Empirical Research on the Legal Profession, University of California, Irvine School of Law.

  • Thu Jan 11, 2024

The Perfection Trap: Embracing the Power of Good Enough

Delve into "The Perfection Trap" with Professor Thomas Curran, exploring perfectionism types, social media's impact, growth mindset pitfalls, and practical insights for overcoming dissatisfaction.

  • Wed Jan 10, 2024

Synthetic Sensors: Advancing Global Health Equity

Join our January 10th, 2024, Skule Lunch & Learn with Professor Nicole Weckman to explore diagnostic innovations tackling antimicrobial resistance and promoting global health equity.

  • Wed Jan 10, 2024