How to Amplify Creative Critical Thinking During a Crisis

Join fellow U of T alumni to learn a few practical tools and tips that enable the best leaders at this disruptive time.

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U of T alumni are invited to join a thought-provoking webinar, featuring U of T alumna, Jacinta Quah (BA, Trinity, 1997), Founder & CEO, JQ&CO – a boutique consulting firm based in Singapore.

The universe has thrown us an epic curve ball.  The world as we know it has been disrupted. Around the world, people have shifted to remote work in record numbers. Many schools are either closed or have moved to remote learning. Unprecedented extreme measures including locking down entire countries and cities has become a reality for many.

  • How can you stay productive and lead your team when nothing is certain?
  • How do you focus when all the structure and routines around you have changed overnight?
  • How do you keep the business afloat while prioritizing the welfare of the people?
  • How do you manage your stress levels when you have no control over where this is going or when this will end?

In this powerful, highly valuable session, Jacinta Quah, CEO of JQ&CO, Strategic Advisor & Coach to C-suites – will reveal practical tools and tips that enable the best leaders, to amplify their critical thinking to reach swift and sound decisions.

Jacinta will reveal:

  1. Why focusing on the problems often overcomplicates the issues
  2. A simple yet powerful perspective shift to accelerate the path to optimal solutions
  3. The 7 R's to lead your team & loved ones through this pandemic with resilience

Our intention is to help you walk away from this session not only with a proactive plan of action, but also a clear head and positive energy.

YOU are a powerful change agent. Right now - as we face this extraordinary situation - there's more opportunity than ever to lead.

U of T Alum, let's do that together. Let's do it powerfully.

Jacinta Quah
Founder & CEO, JQ&CO

Jacinta Quah

A veteran of the technology industry, Jacinta spent over 20 years building and managing geographically diverse teams for successful tech companies in Asia and North America. She has held strategic and leadership roles across Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Service Delivery, learning first-hand how team performance and individual excellence drive tangible business results. She previously served as a Services Practice Leader, Secure Infrastructure, at Microsoft (2012-2017) and held various concurrent roles at Dell (1997-2012) including, Director, Singapore; Marketing Director, Shanghai City, China; Senior Brand Manager, Penang, Malaysia; and Global Events Strategist, Toronto.

Jacinta is a member of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore (since 2018), a Certified Solutions-Focused Coach, International Coach Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Certified Change Management Practitioner and Certified Nutritionist Consultant (CNC). She is also a Certified Executive Coach and Certified TEAM Coach at Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching (since 2017).

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