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University of Toronto Scarborough | Faculty of Arts & Science

Preet Banerjee

BSc 2001

Preet Banerjee’s route from UTSC neuroscience student to renowned personal finance personality is the result of a brief detour through the Bridgestone Racing Academy.

After graduation, Preet Banerjee realized that he didn’t want to pursue a neuroscience career, but wasn’t sure of the alternatives. He decided to indulge his passion for racing, and his driving sessions led to a position as the racing academy’s operations manager.

A Bay Street financier who regularly brought colleagues to the track for corporate team building exercises suggested that Banerjee put his neuroscience background to work as a biotech stock analyst. Banerjee explored the idea and realized that his real interest lay in personal finance.

“I liked the problem solving and the impact on everyday people,” Banerjee said, and he pursued this passion. When the W Network announced a search for on-air talent, he showcased his expertise before a television audience and bested the competition. The prize, a deal for his own reality show, had Banerjee helping 100 families increase their net worth by $1 million in 10 weeks.

The visibility made Banerjee’s expertise in finance a sought-after commodity. He now serves as a Bottom Line financial panellist on CBC’s national news broadcast, The National, and as a weekly expert on Global Television’s morning show. Banerjee’s ongoing personal finance blog, YouTube channel and podcast have large, loyal followings, and he is a financial services consultant to numerous large institutions.

Banerjee believes that his UTSC education laid the foundation for his current success.

“My neuroscience program was half biology and half psychology, and the psychology involved in making decisions about finances is paramount, so I value my education,” he said.


Published Nov. 14, 2016

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