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Featured Alumni

Ismat Aziz
Featured Alumni

Ismat Aziz

Ismat Aziz’s experiences as a University of Toronto undergraduate formed the basis of her interest in human resources, a field in which she continues to excel.

Anthony Lacavera

Applied Science & Engineering Alumni

Telecommunications is a big industry, run by major players. Anthony Lacavera started Globalive and made room for one more.

Blake C. Goldring

Victoria College | Arts & Science Alumni

“The University of Toronto has played an important role in the lives of the Goldring family for four generations,” says Blake Goldring.

Brian Greenspan

University College | Arts & Science Alumni

If lawyer Brian Greenspan had a motto it might well be: Passion is the genesis of genius.

Craig Kielburger

Trinity College | Arts & Science Alumni | Honorary Degree

When Craig Kielburger was 12 years old, he suddenly understood “that a young person can make a difference.”

David Berkal

University College | Arts & Science Alumni

David Berkal is an entrepreneur, an activist and a traveller at heart - as the two social enterprises that he co-founded show.

Dominic Lam

Medicine Alumni | Philosophy Alumni

Dominic Lam is an award-winning artist and renowned crusader for the visually impaired, as Chairman of the World Eye Organization.

Heather Johnston

Victoria College | Arts & Science Alumni

When humanitarian Heather Johnston says she loves U of T you know it is heartfelt – her family has been attending for five generations.

Helena Monteiro

Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work Alumni | Graduate Studies Alumni

Principles Helena Monteiro applied at U of T - thinking, learning and leading - have made her a major player in international philanthropy.

James Orbinski

Arts & Science Alumni | Graduate Studies Alumni | Political Science Alumni

James Orbinski - physician, scientist and author - is a veteran of many of the world’s complex humanitarian emergencies.

Judy Goldring

Victoria College | Arts & Science Alumni

When Judy Goldring was named one of the Most Powerful Women for 2012, the citation highlighted her volunteer activities at U of T.

Leslie Dan

Graduate Studies Alumni | Rotman Management Alumni | Honorary Degree

Leslie Dan came to Canada in 1947 with $10 in his pocket. He went on to establish one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies.

Linda Schuyler

Innis College | Arts & Science Alumni

Linda Schuyler personifies the “if no one else is doing it, I’ll roll up my sleeves and do it myself” approach to getting things done.

Michael Wilson

Trinity College | Rotman Commerce Alumni | Honorary Degree

Wilson became U of T’s 33rd Chancellor on July 1, 2012, succeeding David Peterson. He had also served as Chancellor of Trinity College from 2003 until 2006. Michael Wilson is a respected public servant and businessman, but he may be most admired for shining a light on mental illness.

Norman Bethune

University College | Medicine Alumni

On the world stage, Dr. Norman Bethune is one of Canada’s most famous, best known for his medical work in China in the 1930s.

Paul Martin

St. Michael’s College | Arts & Science Alumni | Law Alumni | Honorary Degree

When Paul Martin addressed the class of 2011 at Convocation, he joked about the time he lost his case at moot court in law school.

Samantha Nutt

Medicine Alumni

If more people were to listen when Dr. Samantha Nutt speaks, the world would be a safer place. Fewer children would suffer.