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Vancouver, BC: Alumni & Friends Coffee Meetup

Join fellow U of T alumni and friends for a morning of networking and coffee.

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Start your Saturday morning by enjoying networking and coffee with the Vancouver U of T alumni community! 

Finally, the time has come for U of T Alumni Network of Vancouver to meet again.  Let's re-acquaint and connect with fellow alumni on a Saturday morning over coffee.  Given that this is the Vancouver U of T alumni community's first event in over two years and under the circumstances of COVID, a coffee meetup would be simplest. So drop by at the Roundhouse Circular Bridge (outside Sciué Yaletown) and look for alumni to catch up on each others news!

Coffee with Alumni and FriendsYour alumni representative and event organizer, Ian OBriain (BA UTM 1989), will be there to welcome you. Attendees are responsible for purchasing their own refreshments. 

If you have any questions about this event, please email

This social activity is one of the many diverse events hosted by your local alumni network, bringing U of T right into your community. Stay informed, inspired and connected, because together we are boundless. 

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