Past events

Shane Parrish on Achieving Extraordinary Results

Unlock the transformative power of clear thinking with Shane Parrish, bestselling author and entrepreneur, as he shares insights from his book Clear Thinking.

  • Mon Apr 15, 2024

AI advances in health care

Join us for an insightful discussion with three experts on current applications of artificial intelligence in health care, the emerging possibilities and the crucial role of collaboration.

  • Fri Apr 12, 2024

Solving Canada's Housing Crisis

Discover solutions for fair housing with Gregor Craigie, CBC Radio host, and Mitzie Hunter, Former MPP, as they discuss innovative strategies in Craigie's latest book.

  • Thu Apr 11, 2024

London, UK: 6th Canadian Universities Alumni Networking Reception

Connect with esteemed U of T alumni and friends at the Canadian University Alumni Networking Reception, hosted by the Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce

  • Thu Apr 11, 2024

How to Communicate During A Crisis

Crises and difficult situations can happen in all aspects of life. Join us for a special event for the young alumni community to learn specific communications tools to help you to navigate challenging situations in both your personal and professional lives.

  • Wed Apr 10, 2024

London, UK: President’s Reception & Presentation

Connect with esteemed U of T alumni and friends in London, UK

  • Mon Apr 8, 2024

Elevate workplace culture with autism inclusion

Join Rotman & Spectrum Works for Autism Acceptance Month panel on workplace integration, policies, and programs. Empower professionals to champion inclusivity.

  • Thu Apr 4, 2024

Friends of Planning Spring Social 2024

The University of Toronto Planning Alumni Committee (PAC) and the Department of Geography & Planning are pleased to invite alumni, faculty, and fellow city builders to the 28th Annual Friends of Planning Spring Social.

  • Thu Apr 4, 2024

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