Edmonton, AB: The Science of Second Chances

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Barbara Dick
Assistant Vice-President, Alumni Relations
University of Toronto

cordially invites you to a dinner reception for University of Toronto alumni and friends, featuring a special presentation:

The Science of Second Chances


Professor Phil Heron
Assistant Professor, Environmental Geophysics
Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences
University of Toronto Scarborough 

How do we teach students who have low confidence in themselves but also low confidence in the education system? How can we create a classroom dynamic that fosters growth but also accepts failure as pivotal in any journey?

In this talk, Prof Phil Heron will discuss Think Like A Scientist, a science outreach program designed to provide accessible and inclusive education but also training in critical thinking. Despite Think Like A Scientist mainly running in prisons around the world, its guiding principles are applicable to most workplaces where colleagues face visible (and invisible) barriers to personal and professional growth.  

Prof. Phil HeronPhil Heron is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences at the University of Toronto Scarborough, where he leads the Environmental Geophysics group. Alongside his geoscience research and teaching, Phil also studies effective science communication as a research topic. In 2017, Prof Heron founded Think Like A Scientist – a science outreach course dedicated to accessible and inclusive education. Think Like A Scientist was the first science outreach program in the English, Canadian, and Australian prison system, and has gained a number of plaudits, including winning two international outreach awards and being showcased in UK Parliament as an example of teaching excellence.

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