Daffydil Musical: An Inkling in Time

Murder mysteries and time travel with a dose of romance - Watch the Annual Temerty Faculty of Medicine Musical!

Presented by: Temerty Faculty of Medicine, Hart House
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For over 100 years, the Temerty Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto has performed Daffydil, a theatrical production to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. Since its inception, Daffydil has raised over $700,000.

This year's musical production An Inkling in Time is entirely written, directed, produced and performed by Temerty Medicine students, and is back on the live stage at Hart House Theatre. Let’s show our support and fill the house with U of T students and alumni!

A group of clerks find themselves transported to a hospital in the 80s after being sucked into an MRI machine. There, they meet the much younger version (40 years younger, to be exact) of their preceptor, Dr. Basil, who suddenly disappears and is presumably kidnapped. They must put aside personal grievances in order to work together and solve the mysteries: Who kidnapped Dr. Basil? Why were they sent to the 80s? And most importantly, how do they get back to present time?

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