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Synthetic Sensors: Advancing Global Health Equity

Join our January 10th, 2024, Skule Lunch & Learn with Professor Nicole Weckman to explore diagnostic innovations tackling antimicrobial resistance and promoting global health equity.

Presented by: Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering
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One of the greatest challenges facing the world is the need for efficient, affordable and sustainable healthcare. This has become more complicated in recent years due to antimicrobial resistance, a deadly global health threat.  

In her presentation, Professor Weckman will discuss innovations that could help us overcome these challenges, including diagnostic sensors that combine cell-free synthetic biology, advanced micro and nanoscale sensing systems, and streamlined engineering design. She will describe innovative techniques to rapidly identify multidrug-resistant pathogens and discuss low-cost diagnostic platforms for point-of-care testing — crucial for global health equity. 

Register today to learn about new diagnostic tools and techniques that could improve access to sustainable healthcare. Join us on January 10, 2024, at our monthly Skule™ Lunch & Learn. 

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