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two green hands coming out of the dirt, holding a sign that says "SHAKER Ed Movie Night."

Greater Toronto Area

SHAKER Educational - A Century of Zombie Media

Lecture and Movie Night with Shaun of the Dead

Over the past century, the zombie apocalypse has infected our media landscape with ever-mutating forms that horrify and terrify the humans who encounter the walking dead. Join Kate Russell as she examines the history of zombies as they have evolved from the enslaved living dead of Haitian folklore into the groaning, mindless flesh-eater of western popular culture. The lecture will be followed by a screening of the cult classic film, Shaun of the Dead.

Admission includes:

  • Lecture by Kate Russell, PhD Candidate, Cinema Studies
  • Screening of Shaun of the Dead
  • Movies snacks - popcorn, pop and candy



The fascination of a field trip with the socializing of an adult. Hear lectures by U of T’s top profs, followed by a fun and related activity.
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