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Rotman Documentary Insights presents: "After Work"

Explore the evolving world of work in Erik Gandini's new documentary. From Kuwait to Korea, confront AI's rise and automation's impact on culture, leisure, and the global economy. Reserve your seat!

Presented by: Rotman School of Management
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Rotman Documentary Insights presents: 
After Work, the most recent film from award-winning filmmaker, Erik Gardini. Join us for the film screening followed by a virtual Q&A with the filmmaker. 

Documentary Synopsis:
A thought-provoking documentary that explores how we relate to work in the 21st century, told through a global lens with fascinating stories and subjects from across four continents.

With sharp humour and an eye towards both history and our possible future, celebrated Swedish filmmaker Erik Gandini covers broad themes ranging from entrepreneurialism, automation and redundancy, leadership, and what drives our cultural work ethic.

Travel from Kuwait, where the constitution guarantees the right to a job, to Korea, where computers are programmed to shutdown at the end of the workday to encourage workers to go home. Meet Amazon drivers navigating corporate surveillance and being directed by algorithm-optimized schedules. Visit Italy, where large segments of younger generations are happily bypassing work and training all together.

As AI, robotics and automation increasingly displace the jobs of today, will that mean we will have more time for leisure and culture, or will it collapse the global economy? 

This perceptive and philosophically engaged film explores how Puritan priests invented the concept of work ethic in the 1600s, what it means to work today, and how work itself may define the future of the human condition.

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