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Can We Still Find the Good in the World?

U of T Panel Series

University of Toronto Alumni are invited to

The World We Want: A Zócalo and University of Toronto Panel Series

Moderated by Erika Hayasaki, Journalist and Author, The Death Class

Can We Still Find the Good in the World?

It feels like such a dark time. The planet is burning with hatred, disease, and environmental degradation. And, between the confusing nature of our societies and our own biases, traumas, and privileges, it’s become increasingly difficult to be sure we will know the good when we see it. What does it mean, when the bad urgently demands our attention and action, to spend precious time looking for the good, in the world and in ourselves? What are the roots of the human attraction to goodness, and what roles does our pursuit of goodness fill in our lives and communities?

University of Toronto behavioral ecologist Maydianne AndradeThe Ordinary Virtues author and Central European University president Michael Ignatieff, and Duke University distinguished professor of philosophy David B. Wong visit Zócalo to examine whether the human search for the good is itself still good.

Zócalo and the University of Toronto present The World We Want, an event series exploring our current societal, political, and economic challenges and how we might emerge from the current moment.

Zócalo and the University of Toronto thank the Consulate General of Canada in Los Angeles for supporting The World We Want.

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