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Mentor a student

Mentor a student
Mentor a student

Reach out to the next generation

Share your knowledge with bright students interested in your field.

Mentor a student… and strengthen our community

U of T offers numerous opportunities for alumni to mentor students. This valuable work broadens your own network and lets you share your expertise – and it helps young people launch their careers, develop skills and meet the challenges of life after university. Together, we create a stronger, more engaged community.

Job Shadowing Program

Students shadow a U of T alum for the day on the job to help learn about career options and build their professional networks.

U of T Hub on Ten Thousand Coffees

Looking for a job? Switching industries? Join free career webinars, swap advice with fellow U of T alumni, or share your own insights with current U of T students.

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How to be an ideal mentor

Mentoring can be deeply satisfying for both mentor and mentee. As well as the pleasure of giving back, you hone your coaching skills, self-awareness and understanding of your own field. The ideal mentor is committed, thoughtful, confidential and constructive.

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How U of T’s strong reputation helps you

How U of T’s strong reputation helps you

Your advocacy and support doesn’t just create a better learning environment for students. Because your involvement enhances U of T’s reach and impact, it builds our strong global reputation – and the respect in which others hold your own degree.