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Arbor Awards Nominations


We love to hear about the outstanding U of T volunteers who, through their tremendous generosity, make an outstanding contribution to the experience of U of T students, faculty, staff and alumni. Please contact the appropriate alumni division below if you wish to suggest someone for an Arbor Award.

Note that nominations must come from a divisional alumni office and cannot be submitted directly by alumni or friends of the University.

Nominations will next open in the spring of 2020.


Eligibility for Arbor Awards

To be eligible to win an Arbor Award, a recipient must:

  • Have provided (or be currently providing) outstanding volunteer service to either a) one Division in order to be eligible in the Divisional Category, or b) across the University more broadly  focused on more than one faculty/college/department) in order to be eligible in the Central Category.
  • Be an alumna/us or friend of the University with at least 3 years of continuous service as a U of T volunteer as of the date of the nomination; this service must be within the 1 year immediately leading up to the nomination deadline. 
  • Note that volunteer service as a student is ineligible; eligibility commences once the student has graduated and become an alumnus/a of the University.
  • We strongly recommend that you do not submit nominees who do not meet the minimum years of service. Any nominees who do not meet this minimum will be assessed at a higher threshold of breadth and impact of service. The onus is on the Nominator to ensure these qualities are explicitly outlined and clearly demonstrated in the nomination form. These nominations are subject to evaluation by the selection committee.
  • Have not previously received an Arbor Award.
  • Not be a sitting politician, elected or appointed official or currently serve on the Governing Council of the University of Toronto. 
  • Be a living alumnus/a or friend of the University of Toronto. Posthumous awards will be considered only in exceptional circumstances and if the nominee has passed away within one year of the upcoming ceremony. Nominees must be submitted for consideration based their individual volunteer contributions only; they cannot be submitted for posthumous addition to a past group Arbor Award.

Faculty and staff nominations

The Arbor Awards serve as recognition for the University’s outstanding volunteers from the alumni and friends community. Only in exceptional circumstances will current or previous employees of the University of Toronto be considered.  These faculty or staff nominations are not automatically accepted, but must pass an additional threshold of expectations and consideration by DUA in order to ensure their appropriateness and eligibility. Faculty and staff eligibility is as follows:

  • Their volunteer contributions must be clearly demonstrated as being outside the parameters and expectations of their daily job and in no way related to the scope of their job function at the University.



Types of Arbor Award Nominations

Arbor Award nominations may be submitted in Divisional and/or Central Categories. 

Divisional and Central Arbor Award quotas are listed below for your reference.  Please ensure you do not submit more nominations than your allowable limit.

There are no exceptions to these quotas and any additional nominations submitted will not be considered.


  • Each division in the Faculty or College category may nominate up to five* alumni and/or friends of the university for an Arbor Award.
  • Each division in the Schools, Institutes, Centres and Programs category may nominate up to three* alumni and/or friends of the university for an Arbor Award.
  • Multi-departmental divisions are invited to nominate up to five additional alumni and/or friends of the university for an Arbor Award, up to a maximum total of ten* nominations.

*It is not necessary to nominate the maximum number allotted


  • In addition to Divisional nominations, each Division may also nominate individuals in the Central Category for consideration by the Division of University Advancement.
  • Each Division may nominate up to two* individuals in the Central Category for consideration.
  • Each Affiliate may nominate up to three* alumni and/or friends of the university for consideration. Affiliates are non-academic units whose volunteers serve the broader University community. Examples of this include but are not limited to Regional Groups, Senior Alumni Association, UTAA and Student Life.

*It is not necessary to nominate the maximum number allotted



Applied Science and Engineering, Faculty of
Sonia De Buglio
T: 416-946-8143

Architecture, Landscape, and Design, John H. Daniels Faculty of
John Cowling
T: 416-978-4340

Arts and Science, Faculty of
Ramine Haider
T: 416-946-8702

Commerce, Rotman
Bonnie Merchan-Douglas
T: 416-946-7168

Dentistry, Faculty of
Rachel Castellano
T: 416-864-8203

Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in
Natalie Neumann Butler
T: 416-978-5047

Forestry, Faculty of
Laura Lapchinski
T: 416-978-5480 

Information, Faculty of
Lisa Habib
T: 416-978-4985

Kinesiology and Physical Education, Faculty of
Samantha Barr
T: 416-946-5126

Law, Faculty of
Wasila Baset
T: 416-946-8227

Management, Rotman School of
Jennifer Hildebrandt
T: 416-946-7691

Medicine, Faculty of
Karen Lee
T: 416-978-3588

Music, Faculty of
Tyler Greenleaf
T: 416-946-3580

Nursing, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of
Rosemary Quinlan
T: 416-946-7097

Pharmacy, Leslie Dan Faculty of
Nadia Gibbons
T: 416-946-5554

Public Health, Dalla Lana School of
Annette Paul
T: 416-978-8498

Social Work, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of
Judith Scheininger
T: 416-978-5042


Innis College
Ennis Blentic
T: 416-978-3424

New College
Brenda Registe
T: 416-978-8273

University College
Lori MacIntyre
T: 416-978-3803

Woodsworth College
Stephanie Woodside
T: 416-978-5301

Federated Universities

St. Michael’s College, The University of
Leslie Belzak
T: 416-926-7286

Trinity College, The University of
Julia Paris
T: 416-978-2707

Victoria University
Jennifer Wells
T: 416-585-4503


University of Toronto Mississauga
Sue Prior
T: 905-828-5454

University of Toronto Scarborough
Regan Tigno
T: 416-287-5631

Schools, Institutes, Centres and Programmes

Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study
Sim Kapoor
T: 416-978-5047

Continuing Studies, School of
Benjamin Wood
T: 416-946-5300

Central University

Central Libraries
Jimmy Vuong
T: 416-978-7654 

Hart House
Peter Wambera
T: 416-946-3993

Nomination form for alumni offices

Several fields in the nomination form are mandatory; please ensure you have all the required information or you will be unable to submit your form.

Each nomination must be submitted separately. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Questions? Email us at

Complete the nomination form