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Arbor Awards - Faculty and Staff Nominations

Nominating Faculty & Staff for Arbor Award Consideration

The Arbor Awards recognize  outstanding volunteers from the alumni and friends community and are not intended for faculty and staff.

Faculty or staff whose contributions can be demonstrated as clearly going beyond the expectations and parameters of their job are eligible for the Joan E. Foley Quality of Student Experience Award, the Jill Matus Excellence in Student Services Award, and the Chancellor’s Award, which all fall under the banner of the University’s Awards of Excellence Program. 

Check the Awards of Excellence website for information on these awards as well as other awards for which your nominee may be eligible.

A broader list of faculty and staff awards is posted on the HR & Equity website and additional faculty awards are posted on the Office of the Vice-President & Provost website

Faculty or staff nominations are not automatically accepted. They must pass an additional threshold of expectations and consideration by the selection committee in order to ensure their appropriateness and eligibility.

Only in exceptional circumstances will current or previous employees of the University of Toronto be considered. Their volunteer contributions must be clearly demonstrated as being in no way related to the scope of their job function at the University, and preferably in areas completely outside the nominee’s faculty or division.


In order to be considered, the conditions below must be met:   

1) The nature of the volunteer contribution must be one that is also open to someone not employed by U of T. Examples of this include volunteering for a book sale, an alumni committee or participating as an alumni mentor.


2) The volunteer contribution cannot be something that is undertaken as a result of a person’s employment at the university. Examples of this include representing the department or faculty at conferences, or chairing departmental committees or leading volunteer bodies created and managed by the University.

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