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Migrating alumni Google accounts to Microsoft 365

This page contains important information and requires action be taken before November 18th in order to preserve the content in your Google alumni account. We know you will have questions and have tried our best to answer them below. Please read this page carefully to see if your question has been answered before contacting our support team.

Google has recently made changes to their education products and as a result, U of T will be migrating these alumni email addresses to join our centralized alumni email service powered by Microsoft 365. The new full-featured email service will include:

  • A default email storage capacity of 50 GB.
  • Productivity features including calendaring and notifications.
  • Security features including improved spam filtering and phish reporting.
  • Built-in accessibility features for reading and writing emails.

Importantly, this service will not provide the additional features offered by Google, such as Drive and Photos.

What does this mean for me?

Your email address is not changing, you will just access it through a new platform. 

Starting on October 19th, we will be enforcing a 5GB storage limit to ensure more content is not added to the system ahead of the migration. You will still be able to send and receive emails, as well as access existing content but you will not be able to add new files to your account.

Please complete the following steps before November 18th, 2022:

  1. To see how much storage is being used, go to
  2. If you have any files stored in Drive or Photos, you will need to remove them or transfer them to another platform, such as a personal Google account. See "HOW DO I TRANSFER OR EXPORT MY FILES?" below for instructions on moving your content. 
  3. If your Gmail storage is over 50GB, you will need to delete large or unnecessary emails or forward them to another account, to get under the new limit. To search for and delete unnecessary or large emails, go to Manage files in your Google Drive storage and follow the instructions for Gmail.
  4. If you are using any other Google services with your alumni account, you will need to ensure you have exported the data or moved them to another Google account, if possible. Go to your Google account dashboard while logged in to your alumni account and click "Data from apps and services you use" to see which services are being used. It is best to consult Google support to determine how to manage with these products:
  5. Complete this form to confirm you have completed the steps above and your account is ready for migration. 

I’m unsure of the information needED to complete the form. What can I do?

Please provide as much information as you can, and we will do our best confirm your identity with what was provided. We may follow up with you for more information.


No. Your email address will remain the same. 

When can I access my new email?

You will receive details on how to access your new email account by November 30th. You can continue to access your email through Google until that time.

How will access my new email?

You will receive details on how to access your new email account by November 30th

Your new account will be able to be accessed through a modern web browser as well as on mobile devices. Please review this page for list of applications that are currently supported.

I’m currently forwarding my Google alumni email to another account. Will I still be able to do this with the new Microsoft account?

Yes. Once your new account is configured you will be able to forward to another email address. View forwarding instructions for Outlook

What will happen to my data if I don’t move it?

If you have completed the form in step 5 above, your email data will be migrated to your new Microsoft account sometime after November 18thAll data, including email, will be deleted from our Google platform as of December 9th. There will be no way to recover these files.

How do I transfer or export my files?

There are a few ways you can migrate your files:

Note: Google offers free storage up to 15GB. For more information on additional storage visit the Google Plans page.

I’m getting the error “Transfer Your Content is only available to authorized G Suite for Education Accounts” when trying to transfer.

Confirm that when you are attempting to initiate the transfer, you are signed into your alumni account. It will indicate in the top right corner which account is logged in. Screenshot of transfer screen

What happens if something is lost or corrupted?

Transferring data is done at your own risk. The University of Toronto is not responsible for lost or corrupted data.

Can I pay to maintain my current storage?

Unfortunately, this is not possible as the Google Workspace for Education instance we use to administer these accounts will be shutdown. You can transfer your files to another Google account and use one of their storage plans. See “How do I transfer or export my files?” above.

How are other Google services I use this account for impacted?

The email address itself will remain intact and be hosted through Microsoft but the associated Google account will be shutdown. Unfortunately, this means that any Google services using the account will be impacted. We have posted information above on how to transfer Drive and Photos or export your data. Other Google products may offer transfer options as well. It is best to consult Google support to determine how to proceed with those products:

Go to your Google account dashboard while logged in to your alumni account and click "Data from apps and services you use" to see which services are being used. 

What happens to my emails?

Once we receive your confirmation form and verify your alumni information, your email data will be queued for migration to our new platform. You will receive instructions on when this will take place and how to access your new inbox before November 30th, 2022. See step 3 above to ensure your storage is under 50 GB.

What will be migrated to my new account?

We expect the following will migrate from Google to Microsoft: 

  • Emails
  • Contacts 
  • Calendar 
  • Labels 
  • Rules 

I received an email saying my account was considered abandoned, but I’ve logged in recently. Why did I get this message?

There is some lag between when we exported our user info from Google and when the abandoned account notifications were delivered. If you would like to keep your account, please start at step 1 above.

Will the migration affect 3rd party app login credentials?

No, this should not affect non-Google application logins, if the service is only using your email as the username for that account. The email address itself is not changing, just the way you access it is. If the service uses single-sign on (SSO) to authenticate using your Google account, then this will be disrupted. Go to your Google account dashboard while logged in to your alumni account and click "Data from apps and services you use" to see which services accessing your Google account. 

We suggest exploring changing your email for any 3rd party accounts to a personal email that is not managed through an institution, like an employer or school. Institutional email addresses provide you with less control over how they are administered and leave you more exposed to disruption if the institution makes a change. 

Who do I contact for more help?

Unfortunately, we can only offer limited technical support for Google products. If you are experiencing an issue, you should contact Google support directly:

For other questions, you can contact our support team at or call 416-978-7711.


More information can also be found on our Terms Of Use for Google Alumni Email Accounts.