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May 31, 2018 | Alumni

The results are in!

Alumni Impact Survey reveals the scope and impact of U of T’s global alumni network

Group of U of T Alumni

The Alumni Impact Survey reveals that U of T’s engaged and active alumni community includes company-founders, volunteers and mentors, and writers, intellectuals and artists. Highlights include:

  • alumni have created 3.7 million jobs in Canada and around the world
  • alumni serve on 172,000 boards in the for-profit and non-profit sectors
  • alumni have produced more than 760,000 academic, professional and artistic works

The Survey was conducted between April and June of 2017 under the direction of Professors Shiri Breznitz and Vivek Goel, with the assistance of an independent research firm, R. A. Malatest & Associates Limited. Its goal was to help measure how alumni impact their communities, whether as entrepreneurs, role models, or as performers, creators and academics.

 “These results show the strength and influence of our incredible alumni community—economically, socially and culturally,” says University of Toronto president, Meric Gertler. “Whether it’s starting successful and influential international business ventures, volunteering in boardrooms and communities, or producing creative work, these results demonstrate U of T’s increasing global impact.”

 The Alumni Impact Survey results include data on alumni employment, alumni-founded companies, investment in startups, service on profit and non-profit boards, published academic, professional and literary works, as well as details on the survey methodology.   

Explore and learn more about the results.

COVID-19 Update:

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