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April 1, 2020 | Alumni

Meet the mavericks: six standout alumni share how they forged unique paths in dentistry

U of T Dentistry magazine open to a page showing a drawing with people waving, reaching out, walking through open doors, etc.

Every profession needs change agents, people who lead the way to the future. In its new issue, U of T Dentistry Magazine interviewed six progressive alumni to tell their stories and philosophies in their own words. Click through to read these inspiring stories! Here's a teaser:

  • Hazel Stewart (DDS 1974, DipDPH 1978) saw some crazy things... and became an advocate for a public health approach to preventive dental care.
  • Derek Lewis (DDS 1997), one of the faculty's first Indigenous graduates, helped a community overcome skepticism about dental care.
  • From basketball star to orthodontist: Fred Murrell  (DDS 1988) built philanthropy into his practice and makes a difference daily.
  • Practising in Canada's north inspired Rob Matsui (MSc 2009, DDS 2013, MSc 2020), who is now an advocate for accessibility to care.
  • Effie Habsha (BSc 1991 UTSC, DDS 1995, DipPRO 1998, MSc 2000) found the time to launch Women in Dentistry and help others find work-life balance too.
  • Bobby Chagger (DDS 1996) became a dentistry software designer... because he loves being excellent for his patients.

Read the article in U of T Dentistry magazine

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