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Featured Alumni

Ismat Aziz
Featured Alumni

Ismat Aziz

Ismat Aziz’s experiences as a University of Toronto undergraduate formed the basis of her interest in human resources, a field in which she continues to excel.

A. Ka Tat Tsang

Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work Alumni | Graduate Studies Alumni

Through his work with the China Project, professor A. Ka Tat Tsang has spread his valuable knowledge of social work throughout the world.

Blake C. Goldring

Victoria College | Arts & Science Alumni

“The University of Toronto has played an important role in the lives of the Goldring family for four generations,” says Blake Goldring.

Bonnie Stern

New College | Arts & Science Alumni

From her early beginnings as a chef to opening her renowned cooking school, Bonnie Stern has become a Canadian culinary guru.

Brian Greenspan

University College | Arts & Science Alumni

If lawyer Brian Greenspan had a motto it might well be: Passion is the genesis of genius.

David Peterson

Law Alumni | Honorary Degree

David Peterson was probably recognized more often on campus as U of T's 32nd Chancellor than as the 20th premier of Ontario.

Edward Choi

Music Alumni

Edward Choi is a successful musician in Korea but because of his U of T experience, in his heart "I will always be a Torontonian."

Frederick Banting

Medicine Alumni | Honorary Degree

If the phrase “the gift that keeps on giving” can be applied anywhere, it can be applied to Frederick Banting and the medical marvel of insulin.

Hart Hanson

University College | Arts & Science Alumni

Hart Hanson created Bones, the “darkly amusing procedural” TV series inspired by a real-life forensic anthropologist.

Jeffrey Skoll

Applied Science & Engineering Alumni | Honorary Degree

As the first full-time employee and President of eBay, Jeff Skoll helped lead the company's successful initial public offering.

John Mighton

Victoria College | Arts & Science Alumni | Graduate Studies Alumni | Honorary Degree | Philosophy Alumni

Imagine a popular playwright who doubles as an advocate for literacy in mathematics. No need to imagine: John Mighton is for real.

Judy Goldring

Victoria College | Arts & Science Alumni

When Judy Goldring was named one of the Most Powerful Women for 2012, the citation highlighted her volunteer activities at U of T.

Laercio Couto

Forestry Alumni | Graduate Studies Alumni | Philosophy Alumni

Prof. Laércio Couto credits U of T with helping to advance forestry in Brazil. It all began with two soccer games in the late 1970s.

Lester B. Pearson

Victoria College | Arts & Science Alumni | Honorary Degree

Many U of T alumni have made their mark internationally, but perhaps only Lester B. Pearson has been described as saving the world.

Linda Schuyler

Innis College | Arts & Science Alumni

Linda Schuyler personifies the “if no one else is doing it, I’ll roll up my sleeves and do it myself” approach to getting things done.

Margaret MacMillan

Trinity College | Arts & Science Alumni

Margaret MacMillan tells students if they follow their intellectual passions and keep learning, they’ll boldly go across boundaries.

Margaret McCain

Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work Alumni | Honorary Degree

Margaret McCain likes people to call her Margie, but thousands of Canadians call her something else - a champion of children.