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Featured Alumni

Ismat Aziz
Featured Alumni

Ismat Aziz

Ismat Aziz’s experiences as a University of Toronto undergraduate formed the basis of her interest in human resources, a field in which she continues to excel.

Adrienne Clarkson

Trinity College | Arts & Science Alumni | Graduate Studies Alumni | Honorary Degree

Adrienne Clarkson has written about immigrants who struggled and thrived. An immigrant herself, she’s helped transform Canada.

Atom Egoyan

Trinity College | Arts & Science Alumni | Honorary Degree

Movies come and go but the films of Atom Egoyan stay – in the mind. This Canadian director deals with issues contemporary and eternal.

Betty Xie

Woodsworth College | Arts & Science Alumni

Betty Xie is perfectly comfortable being interviewed in a downtown café. After all, she made her first movie in one.

Bonnie Stern

New College | Arts & Science Alumni

From her early beginnings as a chef to opening her renowned cooking school, Bonnie Stern has become a Canadian culinary guru.

Carole Taylor

Victoria College | Arts & Science Alumni

Co-hosting a show for teenagers in 1964, Carole Taylor probably didn’t think she would have a career interviewing prime ministers.

Charles Pachter

University College | Arts & Science Alumni | Honorary Degree

Charles Pachter, age 4, was petting a moose at the CNE 65 years ago. Who knew that he would join the moose as a Canadian icon?

David Cronenberg

University College | Arts & Science Alumni | Honorary Degree

From DNA swaps to Sigmund Freud, director David Cronenberg has challenged audiences with his vivid view of the world.

David Shore

Law Alumni

David Shore says it was “idiotic and courageous” at the same time to quit law and move to Los Angeles to start a writing career.

Derek Tsang

University of Toronto Scarborough | Arts & Science Alumni

Derek Tsang is one of Hong Kong’s bright young filmmakers but when he was a student at U of T he chose to study sociology.

Dominic Lam

Medicine Alumni | Philosophy Alumni

Dominic Lam is an award-winning artist and renowned crusader for the visually impaired, as Chairman of the World Eye Organization.

Doris McCarthy

University of Toronto Scarborough | Arts & Science Alumni | Honorary Degree

At age 76, renowned landscape painter Doris McCarthy "decided I'd like a BA, and began my studies at Scarborough College."

Edward Greenspan

University College | Arts & Science Alumni

In the scales of justice, Edward Greenspan carries some weight. But there’s more to Greenspan than courtroom drama.

Erika Savage

Innis College | Arts & Science Alumni

Erika Savage is a former hip-hop dancer. It was good training for the hot-button issues she faces today as an entertainment lawyer.

Hart Hanson

University College | Arts & Science Alumni

Hart Hanson created Bones, the “darkly amusing procedural” TV series inspired by a real-life forensic anthropologist.

Isabel Bayrakdarian

Applied Science & Engineering Alumni

Isabel Bayrakdarian’s plans for an engineering career took a 180° turn when she won the Metropolitan Opera’s National Council Auditions.

Jordan Feilders

Trinity College | Arts & Science Alumni

Jordan Feilders is expanding the culinary tastes of Parisians with his unique brand of fast casual dining, food truck Cantine California.