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Featured Alumni

Ismat Aziz
Featured Alumni

Ismat Aziz

Ismat Aziz’s experiences as a University of Toronto undergraduate formed the basis of her interest in human resources, a field in which she continues to excel.

Adrienne Clarkson

Trinity College | Arts & Science Alumni | Graduate Studies Alumni | Honorary Degree

Adrienne Clarkson has written about immigrants who struggled and thrived. An immigrant herself, she’s helped transform Canada.

Craig Kielburger

Trinity College | Arts & Science Alumni | Honorary Degree

When Craig Kielburger was 12 years old, he suddenly understood “that a young person can make a difference.”

David C. Onley

University of Toronto Scarborough | Arts & Science Alumni | Honorary Degree

In 1984, David Onley commenced a 22-year career with CityTV as Canada’s first on-air reporter with a visible disability.

Paul Martin

St. Michael’s College | Arts & Science Alumni | Law Alumni | Honorary Degree

When Paul Martin addressed the class of 2011 at Convocation, he joked about the time he lost his case at moot court in law school.