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Precisely Speaking: Exploring Equity in Precision Population Health

The Edwin S.H. Leong Centre for Healthy Children has partnered with Precision Child Health for the second installment of the Thought Leadership Series entitled Precisely Speaking: Exploring Equity in Precision Population Health.

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This event is part of Precisely Speaking, a Precision Child Health (PCH) Thought Leadership Series at SickKids. Precisely Speaking is designed to bring us together for insightful discussion focused on the key themes and drivers of PCH, inviting you to immerse yourself in the strategy, translational work and learnings needed to bring PCH to life.

The second installment of Precisely Speaking is brought to you in partnership with the Edwin S.H. Leong Centre for Healthy Children. The Edwin S.H. Leong Centre for Healthy Children at the University of Toronto and SickKids is a child health equity research centre, supporting initiatives that target reducing inequities in child health. Through strategic investments in research, education, training, and infrastructure the Centre is executing its vision of “harnessing interdisciplinary research to promote the flourishing of every child and family”.

To overcome health inequities and better predict who is at risk for poor health outcomes, we must understand how systems, including biological and social determinants of health, influence and impact the lives of children. During this session, we will explore the importance of precision approaches in understanding broad social patterns that contribute to both individual and population health.

Join us for an engaging session that will:

  1. Introduce the theory and science behind health inequities and what causes them
  2. Discuss what geographic data (i.e. postal code) does and does not help us understand about groups of people
  3. Explore how health systems can use this information to design interventions to improve individual and population health outcomes.

This event is designed to be best experienced in person. If you are unable to attend in person, there will be a virtual option available.

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