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Past Events

From Engineer to Aliebn: A chat with pop culture phenom Jonny Sun

You are invited to a thought-provoking and inspiring talk by author and pop culture phenom Jonathan Sun (EngSci 1T1 + PEY), best known by his Twitter alias: “jomny sun, aliebn confuesed abot humamn lamgauge.”

Shared Interest
  • Mon Sep 25, 2017

From Fake News to Infectious Disease

Join us as we explore these questions and more at This Molecular World: From the Depths of the Earth to Infectious Disease, sponsored by Science & Engineering Engagement and the Department of Chemistry at the University of Toronto in partnership with the Canadian Society for Chemistry.

Shared Interest
  • Thu Jun 1, 2017
COVID-19 Update:

For community safety, in-person events are currently postponed or cancelled. Explore virtual events and resources for alumni on the #StayHome hub. Are you a 2020 graduate? Start your lifelong access. Have questions? Contact us.