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An Insider's Guide to LinkedIn

A U of T Alumni Webinar

Ready to take your job search to the max? The place to do it is LinkedIn. And the LinkedIn Guys are the people to help you master this essential tool.

Omar Garriott and Jeremy Schifeling led LinkedIn's education marketing team and helped build some of the most useful alumni networking tools on the site. As such, we're thrilled to have them present to the Toronto community on all the following topics:

- How to explore different career paths - by learning from your fellow alumni
- How to turn your profile into a recruiter magnet - by learning how recruiters use LinkedIn
- How to get a referral for the world's most competitive jobs - even if you don't know anyone at the company
- How to make sure a new job is one you'll love - by doing a reference check on your employer

Join us for a deep dive on the most powerful tool in your career development arsenal!

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