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Andrew McAfee on 'The Geek Way'

In-Person and Virtual Event - Revolutionize your strategy with MIT's Andrew McAfee. Gain transformative insights challenging norms, equipping you with tools for innovation and success.

Presented by: Rotman School of Management
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Explore The Geek Way: The Radical Mindset That Drives Extraordinary Results 

Revolutionize your organizational strategy and unlock fresh opportunities with Andrew McAfee, the distinguished Principal Research Scientist at MIT Sloan School of Management and bestselling author. Discover transformative insights that challenge conventional thinking and equip you with tools for innovation and success. Learn how to:

Embrace dynamic programming and iteration: Adopt agile methodologies to drive rapid development and continuous improvement based on customer feedback.

Foster autonomy and accountability: Streamline operations by avoiding complexity, empowering teams with independence, and instilling a culture of accountability.

Cultivate a corporate culture of speed and adaptability: Embrace dynamic programming and iteration for swift responses to change, navigating obstacles with a focus on speed and adaptability.

Encourage a culture of challenge and openness: Foster informed decision-making, challenge the status quo, and embrace change for ongoing innovation.

-Cultural evolution and continuous improvement: Promote a mindset of continuous improvement, emphasizing the need for cultural evolution and iterative processes for lasting relevance and success.

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