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Alumni-Led Series - Entrepreneurship: Where Passion Drives Innovation

Dive into the world of entrepreneurship and see where passion drives innovation, and ultimately... in life!


Join fellow alum Axel Villamil (Honours Bachelor of Science (Computer Science & New Media Studies) 2017 UTSC), a creative technologist with big ideas, loads of passion, and an even bigger entrepreneurial spirit as he explains how passion can drive you in life and lead you on the road to innovation. Dive into the world of entrepreneurship through a masterful storytelling of his own personal journey so far, and discover how you can embrace your own passions to go beyond the impossible. In this webinar, Axel will discuss:

  • What success means and how you can take advantage of your vantage
  • Imposter syndrome in the workplace
  • The concept of failure and how it may help lead you in finding what "your why" in life is
  • Building confidence in underrepresented professional industries 

Unable to attend this webinar live? All registrants will receive a copy of the recording which can be viewed on demand! 

Axel Villlamil

Axel Villamil is a hardworking creative technologist who has devoted his life to merging skillsets to incite innovation. With years of experience in the entertainment industry, Axel has taken his artistic skillsets and merged them with the knowledge he gained from his background in computer science at the University of Toronto. As an alum, he has presented lectures at the University of Toronto, including the Rotman School of Management on creativity in technology and spoke at TEDx about being a generalist and combining passions. He has worked with large brands such as Nike, Disney, Bombardier, Warner Music Group, MLSE, Sick Kids, Family Channel and more. Axel continues to merge his passions and push the boundaries of industries with his current focus being on StageKeep, an app for performers or coaches to help with formation mapping and choreography.