UTAA Nominating committee

UTAA Nominating Committee Mandate

UTAA Nominating Committee was established pursuant to the UTAA By-Law. This committee meets annually to recommend a slate of candidates for election to the UTAA Board at each annual general meeting. Its members include: UTAA President-Elect (Chair); Vice President, Advancement (or designate); one alum-at-large; one representative of the Council of Presidents; and one Alumni Governor.

In addition to the mandate established by the UTAA By-law, and at the direction of the UTAA Board of Directors, the work of the Nominating Committee was extended in 2012 (initially through a subcommittee) to ensure the creation and maintenance of an evergreen list of qualified candidates for senior-level volunteer leadership roles at the University.

The objectives of this extended mandate include: long-term UTAA Board succession planning; expanding the current pool of potential volunteers; and the creation of tools and strategies to identify, track and manage interactions with potential volunteers across the University’s alumni volunteer bodies (e.g., UTAA, College of Electors and Governing Council).

Strategic alignment 

The Nominating Committee supports the UTAA’s mission of strengthening the community of alumni and its bonds with the University and our three goals: 

  • Creating strong connections within the alumni community and with the University,
  • Providing meaningful experiences for the alumni community
  • Enabling alumni to support the University and its objectives

The UTAA Nominating committee's work 

A large part of the work of this Nomination Committee is the development and implementation of a process to identify, track and manage a pool of excellent candidates for volunteer alumni bodies affiliated with the university including the UTAA Board.

A key part of this initiative involves the identification and recruitment of potential alumni volunteers to be added to the pool of candidates for volunteer roles.  To that end, each UTAA Director is asked to play an active and vital role in the process by identifying alumni who would be suitable candidates for senior-level alumni volunteer roles across the University, primarily in areas of leadership and governance.

Similar recruiting requests are also made through the Council of Presidents and other areas of the University.

UTAA Nominating committee members and contact 

UTAA President-Elect (Chair), Candice Jay

Meetings are scheduled as required, either in person or by phone. All interested UTAA Directors are welcome to participate in committee discussions and initiatives.

Contact the committee by email at: UTAA.secretariat@utoronto.ca

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