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University of Toronto Kendo Alumni Network (UTKAN)



The University of Toronto Kendo Alumni Network (UTKAN) provides a community through which U of T alumni with a passion for kendo can connect with each other. As a martial art, kendo has been practiced at the University of Toronto for more than 40 years.

UTKAN organizes events, practices, and socials for U of T alumni. All are welcome to join – whether they are currently practicing kendo, used to practice, or are interested in learning more about the martial art.

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U of T alumni bow respectfully to each other before a kendo event.

Get Involved

UTKAN welcomes any and all U of T alumni with an interest in kendo! Alumni can get involved by attending a practice, joining an event, or stopping by one of our socials. Check our website and social media for upcoming events and gatherings.

Who We Are

UTKAN is a volunteer-run organization with no formal leadership roles. All members are encouraged to get involved and organize events in the interests of the community.