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U of T Alumni Association Annual General Meeting – Saturday, June 1

Mark Kingwell, Professor of Philosophy at U of T


Thank you to all who joined us at the 2019 U of T Alumni Association (UTAA) Annual General Meeting and Keynote Address on Saturday, June 1, 2019. We look forward to seeing you at next year's AGM!

Keynote Address
By Mark Kingwell, Professor of Philosophy
University of Toronto

Do Sentient AIs Have Rights?
AI has already stoked fears about surveillance and mass unemployment. Yet the possibility of creating AIs that think and feel—sentient AIs—raises difficult questions. How should we treat them? Do they have legal rights? Do we also pose a threat to them? Prof. Kingwell’s talk explores the ethics and politics of sentient AIs.

About Mark Kingwell

  • Contributing editor, Harper’s Magazine, and winner of two National Magazine Awards
  • Author of several national bestsellers, including Better Living and The World We Want, as well as a recent release, Wish I Were Here, about boredom and technology in the 21st century
  • Media commentator on political, cultural and aesthetic theory

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Sponsored by the University of Toronto Alumni Association. All alumni are welcome.

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