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About Soldiers' Tower

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Honouring U of T’s heroes

Inside and out, Soldiers’ Tower is a poignant and vibrant memorial that honours the fallen and preserves the University’s wartime heritage for our entire community.

Features of the memorial

Features of the memorial

From the Memorial Wall to the Staircase of Honour and Memorial Room, the 44-metre (143-foot) Soldiers’ Tower is designed as an inspiring monument to the 1,185 members of the U of T community who gave their lives in the First and Second World Wars.

Resources for students and researchers

Find out more about the history of Soldiers’ Tower and its carillon, and the role U of T faculty, staff and alumni played in the First and Second World Wars.

The story of the Soldiers’ Tower (pdf)

This essay by Gordon MacKinnon, a member of the Soldiers' Tower committee, reviews the University’s military history and relates how the Tower was funded and built to serve as an eternal memorial.

More essays, stories and resources

Find out how to search for war records of individuals, and browse our collection of essays and articles about U of T's wartime history.