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For Recent Graduates (0-2 years post graduation)

So you graduated within the last two years and you don’t really know what to do next?

You are not alone! MANY recent grads struggle with choosing what career they want to pursue or knowing how exactly to get started. It might seem like everyone else has a plan, but you’d be surprised how many people are just like you.

The good news is, the Career Centre helps people like you every day! As a recent grad, you can continue to make full use of it for up to two whole years after Convocating.

Learn more about the Career Centre.

Services for all U of T Alumni

If you are an alum who graduated more than two years ago, U of T can still help with your career search, transition or progression. We know that Career help is of utmost importance to you and we’ve partnered with some great organizations that can help you build the career you want.

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Preferred Alumni Rates for all our Coaching Services
Feeling Stuck? Need a professional resume? Help with your job search? Advice about changing careers? We are Canada’s Career & Leadership Coaching Company — you ask the questions, we help you find the right answers. Find out more about CareerJoy.

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Discounted Rates on Professional Career Services
‘What now?’ and ‘How do I get there?’ The career professionals at CareerCycles help you answer your important career and life questions. Learn more about Career Cycles.

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Vestiigo is a FREE online career site that connects young professionals with top careers. Learn more about Vestiigo.

Career Trails
Preferred rates on career coaching.
CareerTrails coaches individuals trying to find the right career. We get to the core of your unique qualities and how those match up with workplace opportunities. Learn how to prepare for, and get, the position you want. Find out more about CareerTrails.

JW Associates
Preferred Rates on Career Coaching Programs. We also offer a Complimentary Introductory Career Coaching Meeting.
JW Associates International Inc. provides coaching for Professionals who want to propel their careers forward. With over 25 years experience in tracking and advancing the careers of professionals, Janet Webb is known as the go-to person when you need to talk to an expert about your career. Find out more about JW Associates International Inc.