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The Gordon Cressy Award 20th Anniversary Dinner at Hart House hosted by the University of Toronto Division of University Advancement. November 20th, 2014

On November 20th, the Great Hall at Hart House served as a fitting backdrop to celebrate the

University of Toronto campus

The University of Toronto was once again named the top university in Canada and one of the


Molly Shoichet
Targeting medical treatments

Using stem cells to treat injuries and diseases affecting the brain, eye and spinal cord is at the frontier of technology and medicine. Yet remarkably, Dr. Molly Shoichet and her research team are pushing that frontier a little further.
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UofT Magazine cover

Dr. Virginia McGowan

As co-editor with Ruth Couture, Virginia McGowan ( MA 1978, PhD 1989) published a major work in


Rodolphe Fecteau (BA 1972) has received the J. Norman Emerson Silver Medal from the Ontario Archaeological Society

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