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Alumni: Giving U of T more reasons to be proud

Harvey Lam

Harvey Lam saw first-hand the transformative power of education. Now Lam is hoping to help others stay

Donald Sutherland

At the beginning, Donald Sutherland, Kate Reid, Don Harron, William Hutt, Charmion King, Ed Follows, Norman Jewison,

pedestrian oasis

An ambitious plan by the University of Toronto aims to ban vehicle traffic in King’s College Circle


Who profits in political chaos?

Follow the money and you’ll find the root of the matter. UTSC political scientist Aisha Ahmad is doing just that by exploring how local business elites are financing ideologically motivated Islamist groups in the ongoing civil wars in North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia.

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UofT Magazine Autumn 2015 cover

Jillian Roberts

Jillian Roberts recently launched her book, Where do Babies Come From. This kid-friendly primer on the very basics

Rachel Megitt

Rachel Megitt is the winner of the 2015 Women in Capital Markets Rising Star Award. The WCM

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