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Alumni: Giving U of T more reasons to be proud


On Canada Day, Governor General David Johnston recognized some of U of T’s most distinguished faculty and

Malcolm McGrath on Knox College pipe organ

Special thanks to Malcolm McGrath (BASc 5T4) for his dedication, enthusiasm and years of service as Spring


On May 29, during Spring Reunion, centenarian Alex King (BASc 3T5) was honoured by Chancellor Michael Wilson


What can 3D technology tell us about ancient civilizations?

CRANE Project Director and U of T archaeologist Professor Timothy Harrison leads an international, multi-disciplinary team of researchers in a groundbreaking effort to digitize, visualize, and simulate the birthplace of human civilization.

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UofT Magazine Summer 2015 cover


The Lotte Lenya Competition recognizes talented young singer/actors who are dramatically and musically convincing in repertoire ranging from


From a PhD in education at OISEUT in 1994 and a Masters degree in 1990 to a

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