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University of Toronto campus

The University of Toronto was once again named the top university in Canada and one of the

David He

University of Toronto engineering alumnus David He, finds himself in good company: MIT Technology Review has named him

Alex Goodman

University of Toronto Faculty of Music alumnus Alex Goodman is the first Canadian ever to win first


Anand Agarawala
Adding physical weight to digital items.

"If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, what are we to think of an empty one?" Albert Einstein said it, but Anand Agarawala would certainly agree with the implication. Mr. Agarawala's U of T computer science master's thesis grew to become BumpTop – a company built on a desktop environment tool, beloved by users and acquired by Google in 2010.
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UofT Magazine cover

Dr. Virginia McGowan

As co-editor with Ruth Couture, Virginia McGowan ( MA 1978, PhD 1989) published a major work in


Rodolphe Fecteau (BA 1972) has received the J. Norman Emerson Silver Medal from the Ontario Archaeological Society

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