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August 8, 2017 | Alumni

City in the sky

Alumnus Tye Farrow (BArc 1987) reimagines the Bloor Viaduct

Living Bridges project, by Tye Farrow. Image courtesy Farrow Partners.

How could one project address three urgent Toronto housing needs at once? Architect Tye Farrow (BArc 1987) has a proposal that at once revitalizes aging infrastructure, avoids urban sprawl, and creates units new graduates can afford.

He pictures the iconic Bloor Viaduct as a unique condo community, with diaphanous arches housing lofts, garden rooftops, and a market beneath. He calls the concept Living Bridges, and he envisions the flats as cosy homes for young entrepreneurs, academics and artists, their imaginations soaring like the bridge itself.

For full details on the intriguing idea, including the space-age materials that cost a fraction of traditional concrete, read the full story in the Globe and Mail.

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