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Featured Alumni

Photo of Tasha Schumann
Featured Alumni

Tasha Schumann

Tasha Schumann’s successful career as rap artist Tasha the Amazon comes as no surprise to her. After all, she has planned on being a musician since kindergarten.

Harley Pasternak

School of Graduate Studies | Faculty of Medicine

Give you five? Harley Pasternak will oblige. His 5-Factor Diet and fitness regimen has made him a widely-recognized health authority.

Jayna Hefford

Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education

One of Canada's top hockey players, Jayna Hefford was a U of T student when she scored the winning goal at the 2002 Olympic Games.

Tenniel Chu

University of Toronto Scarborough | Faculty of Arts & Science

Tenniel Chu once played a round of golf with Prince Andrew. These days, he's busy expanding the game throughout China.

Vicky Sunohara

Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education

In a country that worships hockey, there is no greater praise - Vicky Sunohara is called the "Wayne Gretzky of women's hockey.”