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Featured Alumni

Ismat Aziz
Featured Alumni

Ismat Aziz

Ismat Aziz’s experiences as a University of Toronto undergraduate formed the basis of her interest in human resources, a field in which she continues to excel.

Carole Taylor

Victoria College | Arts & Science Alumni

Co-hosting a show for teenagers in 1964, Carole Taylor probably didn’t think she would have a career interviewing prime ministers.

David Peterson

Law Alumni | Honorary Degree

David Peterson was probably recognized more often on campus as U of T's 32nd Chancellor than as the 20th premier of Ontario.

Heather Johnston

Victoria College | Arts & Science Alumni

When humanitarian Heather Johnston says she loves U of T you know it is heartfelt – her family has been attending for five generations.

Lester B. Pearson

Victoria College | Arts & Science Alumni | Honorary Degree

Many U of T alumni have made their mark internationally, but perhaps only Lester B. Pearson has been described as saving the world.

Michael Wilson

Trinity College | Rotman Commerce Alumni | Honorary Degree

Wilson became U of T’s 33rd Chancellor on July 1, 2012, succeeding David Peterson. He had also served as Chancellor of Trinity College from 2003 until 2006. Michael Wilson is a respected public servant and businessman, but he may be most admired for shining a light on mental illness.

Pacinthe Mattar

University of Toronto Mississauga | Arts & Science Alumni

After spending years in far-flung locales such as Saudi Arabia, radio journalist Pacinthe Mattar is exploring Canadian concerns.

Paul Martin

St. Michael’s College | Arts & Science Alumni | Law Alumni | Honorary Degree

When Paul Martin addressed the class of 2011 at Convocation, he joked about the time he lost his case at moot court in law school.

Rosanna Wong

Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work Alumni | Graduate Studies Alumni | Honorary Degree

Dame Rosanna Wong Yick-ming played a prominent role during Hong Kong’s handover to China in 1997.

William Lyon Mackenzie King

University College | Arts & Science Alumni | Graduate Studies Alumni | Law Alumni

From 1893 until 1895, future prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King wrote for The Varsity while studying at U of T.