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For graduates 2012-2023

A free U of T email address after graduation

Show your pride in a great education and your connection to a world-leading university by using a U of T email address. When you graduate, a free U of T alumni email account is automatically created in your name.

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How it works

When you graduate, a free account is automatically created using the same name as your student address. You then enter a transition period that gives you the opportunity to phase out your student email address and alert your contacts of your new alumni email address. Your login, password, inbox and contacts remain unchanged.

Incoming mail:

Continue to log in as usual. Within two months of your graduation, your address will automatically become active. In your inbox, you will receive messages sent to both and for two years.

Outgoing mail:

Messages are sent using your address until the University verifies that you are not returning for additional study, which may take up to six months. When this has been done, you will receive a notice and messages will be sent using your address.


Frequently asked questions

Do I need to sign up?

No, if you graduated in or after 2012 you don’t need to sign up. Your email address will automatically be added to your existing U of T email account after you graduate.

Will my password change?

No. You log into your email address in the same way as you would to check your address. Your address uses the same login, password, inbox and contacts.

What happens to my inbox and contacts?

They are preserved for you in your new account. You log into your email address in the same way as you would to check your address. Your address uses the same login, password, inbox and contacts.

What if I don’t want a U of T email account?

You can email to have your U of T alumni email account deleted.

Do I need to update the email address on my ACORN record?

Yes, please update your email address on ACORN manually. This will only take a minute, and while you are in ACORN, you can also ensure that we have your up-to-date mailing address.

How do I set up my U of T alumni email account with my phone, tablet or desktop?

Please check out the specific instructions by device and operating system available at the Information Commons Help Desk.

If I come back as a graduate student, what happens to my U of T email accounts?

Even if you enroll in graduate studies immediately, a U of T alumni email address will still be automatically created in your name. However, no changes will be made to your student account until you leave the University for the last time.

You may choose to give out either your or your alumni email address and will receive messages sent to either address. However, outgoing messages will only be sent using your student address for as long as you are enrolled at U of T.

The transition to your U of T alumni email address will begin only after you leave U of T for the last time. If you re-enroll, the countdown will reset and begin again when you leave.

If you come back as a graduate student after more than two years away from U of T, you will receive a new student email address when you register. You can usually reclaim your old student email address prefix.

Why was an incoming email put in the wrong tab?

U of T is working on upgrades to the spam filtering service that protects your alumni email account. Most individuals will not notice any changes to their email accounts. However, some people using the tabbed or focused inbox features may notice that their inbox has a slightly different algorithm for classifying non-spam messages.

For former staff and faculty:
I was given a email address – what happens to that?

Staff and faculty email addresses cannot continue to be used after you leave the university. If you are an alum, as well as a former faculty/staff member, you can open a U of T alumni email account regardless of your graduation date.

Before you leave the university, ask your supervisor to contact to have an account created in your name. This would be a new account without your previous work inbox or contacts. At your supervisor's discretion, temporary email forwarding may be possible.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

For technical questions not answered here, please contact

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