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Toronto, ON: The Best Things in Life

Join fellow U of T alumni and friends for a lecture that explores the philosophy behind what makes a happy life.

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Please click here to access the lecture via live stream.

Please note that the in-person event is now sold out. Please email to be added to the wait list.

U of T alumni and friends are invited to a thought-provoking talk on

The Best Things in Life by

Professor Thomas Hurka
Jackman Distinguished Chair in Philosophical Studies
Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto 

What makes life worth living? Why are some lives better than others? What are the best things in life? 

Dr. Hurka suggests that there isn’t just one thing that makes a good life, but actually many things: happiness, knowledge, achievement, moral virtue, love, and more. In theory, an ideal life would contain all of them, but different mixtures are suited to people with different talents and opportunities. Though some lives are better than others, there isn’t a single kind of life that everyone should lead.

We all want to live well and to help the people we care about do the same. This presentation will explore what that means and what the basic components of a good life are.

We will be live-streaming this talk for anyone who cannot attend in-person. Please click on the "Register to Live-Stream" button to sign up and we will send out the link a few days before the event.  

Professor Hurka's presentation is part of an ongoing series of compelling lectures for alumni, hosted at venues across the GTA. U of T in Your Neighbourhood brings the university right into your community, keeping you informed, inspired and connected.

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