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Alumni Volunteers

Interested in Being an Alumni Volunteer?

Testimonials from previous Next Steps Delegates

“Listening to the personal stories (successes and failures) told by the panel alumni. Very inspiring to find my own life.”

“Hearing about different people’s journey – acknowledging that what you study may not relate to what you end up doing career-wise (success is not a linear path). there are different ways to being successful, just find the right path for you. Be honest with yourself and know when it’s time for a career or job change. Networking and strong relationships are powerful both for personal and professional growth.”

“I know that I feel more connected with alumni and peers. I feel that I am part of a supportive community that has many diverse talents to share.”

“I was very inspired by the opening keynote speech. I learned a lot from not just the contents of his speech but the way it was structured and presented. It was even more enjoyable and enlightening to be able to meet and discuss the new learnings with fellow attendees at the reception.”

Alumni are the strength of this conference and we’re always looking for volunteers to come out and share their experiences, insights and stories. We are seeking a variety of alumni panellists, featured speakers and career ambassadors. Younger alumni who have recently entered the workplace are especially in demand. You may not think students want to hear from you but, in fact, your story can be deeply meaningful to students planning their next steps.

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering at the Next Steps Conference, please contact Carlo Siochi at

COVID-19 Update:

For community safety, in-person events are currently postponed or cancelled. Explore virtual events and resources for alumni on the #StayHome hub. Are you a 2020 graduate? Start your lifelong access. Have questions? Contact us.