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Totem Pole


Great Canadian Getaways

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Jun 25 - Jul 2, 2019

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Great Canadian Getaways

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We are thrilled to have Robert Davidson, and his wife Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson, as the tour leaders and resource educators on our trip. As one of Canada’s most respected and award-winning contemporary visual artists, Robert Davidson is best known for his impeccable craftsmanship of totem poles and masks, whose unique interpretation of the traditional Haida form is unparalleled to date. A native of the Canadian Northwest, his works are sought to critical acclaim both domestically and internationally. His wife Terri-Lynn - musician, activist, artist and lawyer - has dedicated herself to the continuation of the Haida language and culture. Her latest album “Grizzly Bear Town” released in 2017 is a blend of both indigenous and contemporary music styles reflecting her maternal roots as a Haida song custodian.

This cruise of a lifetime takes you to the remote archipelago making up British Columbia’s Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, where massive cedar and spruce trees tower above ancient totem poles. Observe the remains of Haida villages along the protected coast of Moresby Island. An onboard naturalist will provide insights about the wildlife you are likely to encounter, including humpback whales, sea lions, puffins and black bears foraging on the shore. At SGang Gwaay—a UNESCO World Heritage Centre— Haida watchmen share their oral tradition, explaining the significance of the totem poles and this spiritual landscape. Enjoy a traditional Haida dinner hosted by a local Haida family in Skidegate.