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Physics Mentorship Program
As a mentor, your help, advice and experience are invaluable to students who are preparing to embark on careers or graduate studies. Our graduates are the best source of inspiration and guidance for students who are searching for their career paths.

Physics mentors with students (c/o Department of Physics website)

One of the first students to go through the program had this to say:

“Any chance to familiarize oneself with life beyond the UofT halls is one worth taking. The mentorship program offers a relaxed atmosphere in which to familiarize oneself with what working might be like, what goals might be most plausible, and how to eventually achieve those goals and working positions.” -Ryan McGinn

At a glance
Simply by sharing your experiences and answering questions, you will be helping students to make informed choices during this important and exciting phase of their lives. What better way to keep in touch with the department and keep abreast of the hottest research and emerging areas of study?

  • Mentors are invited to join the program from June to September.
  • Student interviews take place in late September and eligible participants are selected and matched according to areas of interest.
  • A launch event is held in October to allow the students and mentors to meet in a relaxed setting.
  • Mentorship pairs meet in person, by phone or email over the next few months as frequently as they wish.
  • The program wraps up in March and participants are asked to fill out a survey to help us evaluate and improve the program.

More information
Website: Visit physics mentorship program page

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