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Computer Science: Alumni-Student Career Mentorship Program
The advice of a mentor can help students prepare for the working world, while mentors get to meet the current crop of students, and discover the hottest research and emerging CS areas at the department.

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Computer Science is a broad industry with experts in a variety of fields and backgrounds. Alumni from across the industry are welcomed into this mentorship program.

Enhance a student’s university experience and get back in the loop on the latest in computer science!

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This valuable program connects students with an alumus who is working in the field and who wants to share his or her experience.

Each year, Computer Science students from third- and fourth-year and the graduate program are encouraged to join the program.

  • Mentors are invited to join the program in October/November.
  • Students sign up in December.
  • Matches of mentors and mentees is based on area of interest.
  • The program’s launch event is scheduled for January.
  • Mentoring takes place from January to April through phone, e-mail and face-to-face contact.

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