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What happens to my e-mail address after I graduate?
A new e-mail address ending in will automatically be added to your e-mail account within two months of your graduation, to make the transition from student to alum. You will now receive messages to both your existing student e-mail address ( and your new address, in the same inbox for at least the next two years. This gives you the opportunity phase out your student e-mail address and alert your contacts.

Messages sent to either e-mail addresses will show up together in your inbox.

Outgoing messages will still be sent using your student ( address until the University verifies that you are not returning for additional study, which may take up to a few months into the start of the next academic term. When this has been done, sent messages will come from your new address.

How do I get my e-mail address?
If you graduated after 2011 you don’t need to sign up. This e-mail address will automatically be added to your existing U of T e-mail account after you graduate

Do I need to update the e-mail address on my ROSI record?
Yes, you will have to update your e-mail address on ROSI manually. While here, please be sure that we have your up-to-date mailing address.

How can I access/use my e-mail address?
Log in the same way as you would to check your address. Your address uses the same login, password, inbox, contacts, etc.

What’s the difference between an address and an
An address is connected to your e-mail account, which is run on the Microsoft platform. It is given to U of T alumni whose Convocation date was after 2011.

An address is a Gmail based alumni e-mail addresses that was made available to alumni who graduated in or before 2011. These addresses will no longer be available now that all graduates receive an address.

What if I still have a e-mail address?
You need to sign-up for account if you want to continue to use this U of T affiliated e-mail address. You can contact for assistance, even after you’ve graduated.

Your account will be frozen shortly after you graduate, but e-mails will be forwarded to your address for two years.

You can also set up your account to forward message to another e-mail address, in which case your old e-mails will also automatically be forwarded for two years.

Returning students

When I come back as a graduate student or for another year of study, what happens to my student account?
The address will still be added, but no changes will be made to your student account until you leave the University for the last time. You may choose to give out either your or address, but outgoing messages will only be sent using your student (@mail) address for as long as you are enrolled at U of T.

The two year transition countdown, for how long you can receive messages sent to your student account, will begin only after you leave U of T for the last time. If you re-enroll, the countdown will reset and begin again when you leave.

Alumni who graduated in or before 2011

I graduated in/before 2011. What is happening with my address?
At this point no changes are being made to the accounts of alumi who graduated in or before 2011. These accounts may eventually be phased out in favour of the new accounts when they become available to all graduates. If this happens, the University will provide a viable alternative and detailed instructions and support well in advance of any changes. The University understands how important e-mail continuity is and will ensure your service is not unduly or negatively affected.

I graduated in/before 2011, but I would like to have an e-mail address too. How do I get one?
Currently, accounts are not available to alumni who graduated in or before 2011, but you may still sign-up for a Gmail-based e-mail address.


I am an alum who works at U of T and I need my address for work. What do I need to do?
As long as you are an active employee, no changes will be made to your mail account. You can verify your status by contacting

You will likely lose your address when you eventually leave U of T. Therefore, please contact the help desk to set up an, so you can maintain a U of T affiliated e-mail address. Obtaining a account will not affect your staff address in anyway.


How do I configure my desktop e-mail client (such as Microsoft Outlook) to work with my account?
Detailed instructions are available online.

How do I configure my smartphone to work with my account?
Detailed instructions are available online.

How can I forward my to my personal e-mail address?
Visit Click on “change options” and update the “forwarding to” e-mail address.

For technical questions not answered here, please contact We will respond to you as soon as possible.