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Derek Tsang
Current Industry: Arts & Culture, Entertainment
Bachelor of Arts (BA) 2001, University of Toronto Scarborough

Tsang deliberately chose not to study filmmaking while at U of T, even though his family was in the business in Hong Kong. This choice allowed him to have a different perspective on life and absorb the culture in and around campus.

“There are a lot of things happening in the city, culturally, artistically, so instead of studying the whole time there were a lot of different things to do that can help you learn more about culture,” he says.

Tsang, whose latest role is in Triad, about three friends who join an underground society in their youth, says there is a special relationship between U of T and Hong Kong.

“U of T is an unsung hero in the growth in Hong Kong and China”, he says. “After I graduated and came back, I met so many graduates of U of T. They are in different sectors of society. We are all really grateful that we got a really good education in Canada so that now we can help build Hong Kong better.”

"The professors I encountered during my studies at U of T were all very good, some quite unconventional, actually. There was a really good mix of professors and courses. It made for a great university experience."

Published November 2013

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