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Alumni: Giving U of T more reasons to be proud


Next stop: the world
As someone who went to U of T, you’re naturally curious about the world—and we can help you explore it in incredible ways.

The Alumni Travel Program is your gateway to inspiring and enriching experiences across the globe. Journey to the heart of the Amazon River, soak up the art and architecture of Chicago, or delve into the unique landscapes, seascapes and culture of the Canadian North. Or, inject some social purpose into your expedition by building a school in rural Kenya, along with going on a safari and exploring rolling grasslands.

U of T trips are so popular because of how illuminating they are about different peoples, cultures and environments. You’ll have opportunities to directly engage with residents of foreign locales and learn about their way of life.

Let your wanderlust take you to wild and wonderful places as you navigate the globe with U of T. Visit the Alumni Travel Program page to learn more.